Salmon Sushi
  1. Prepare sushi rice . (Please view the video (sushi rice).
  2. Slice cucumbers in a little bit exquisite way so they will retain salt and shed unnecessary water. Also the cucumber needs to look pretty to lure the appetite! Salt the cucumber until the sushi rice is ready, about one hour.
  3. Now let’s prepare the salmon. Make shallow cuts on both sides and salt both sides as well. Salt the salmon for at least 30 minutes. Salt can extract Umami from the salmon. You can cook salmon in whatever way you like. Barbequeing may be the best.
  4. Now we will move on to the decoration process. I’m making thinly sliced egg, called “Golden thread egg”. Beat the egg, heat the pan, put in some oil, and pour in the egg, just enough to cover the surface of the pan. Wait until the egg starts congealing, and flip!! Layer up the sheets of egg, roll them up, and cut them into thin strips. “Golden thread egg!” If you are in a hurry, scrambled egg will do.
  5. Add sesame seeds to the rice. Mash the seeds between your fingers to produce more flavour.
  6. Squeeze water out of the cucumber very seriously. Add the cucumber and salmon pieces. Mix everything very well. Remember, slice into the rice when you mix it.
  7. Salmon sushi is nearly ready. Before eating, let’s decorate this a bit. Scatter “Golden thread egg” on the rice, sprinkle dried seaweed on top.