Inari Sushi

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Inari Sushi
  1. Slice one side of the aburaage to make a deep pocket. This will make it easier to open up to put the sushi rice inside later.
  2. Put the aburaage in the boiling water to get rid of the excess oil in it. About 3 minutes of boiling will do. Squeeze the oil out.
  3. Pour the aburaage into a strainer to get rid of, this time, the excess water. Squeeze, squeeze.
  4. Pour all the seasonings in a pot. Water, sugar, mirin, soy sauce, and sake.
  5. Put the aburaage in the seasoning and heat it all up at a high temperature at first. When this starts boiling, turn the heat down to low.
  6. When the liquid is almost gone, add the brown sugar. After all the liquid is gone, the aburaage is ready. Keep the aburaage in the pot for about one hour so that it can absorb the extract of the seasonings.
  7. Pour the aburaage into a strainer to get rid of the excess juice.
  8. Now let’s make sushi rice balls. Sprinkling some water on your palm will make your work easier. This time I’m using the sushi rice with vegetables. You can see the recipe on the video “prairie chirashi bowl” to make this kind of sushi rice. Or you can simply use the plain sushi rice on the video “sushi rice”. You can add sesame seeds to the plain sushi rice if you want.
  9. Squeeze the aburaage again, but not too much. The juice which will come out of it, when you eat inari sushi, adds an Umami taste in your mouth.
  10. Open the aburaage bag, and push the rice into it. If you turn the aburaage almost inside out on your hand, the rice can go in quite easily. Shape the inari sushi nicely. Don’t worry too much if you rip the odd little hole in the aburaage. The sushi rice should hold together inside.

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