Chicken Cutlet

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Chicken Ctulet
  1. Get rid of extra water on the surface of the chicken with kitchen paper. (To make chicken cutlet juicy, watch “Preparing chicken”!)
  2. Slice open the thick parts of the chicken to make the thickness even. So that the chicken can cook fast in the oil.
  3. Sprinkle salt and pat it into the surface of the chicken. The same for pepper. This patting is essential to avoid a bland taste in the chicken cutlet.
  4. Let’s batter up the chicken now. Flour, egg, and Panko, or breadcrumbs. Panko is available at many supermarkets in Canada. Beat the egg.
  5. Coat the chicken with flour. Dip it in the egg, and put Panko around it. To help Panko settle on the chicken well, give light punches to the chicken. This process can help make it even more tender when deep-fried.
  6. Heat the oil in a pan to about 170 ℃. The timing depends on what kind of stove you’re using, but wait for one to two minutes. Put the chopsticks in the oil, and make sure you see some bubbles form around them. Throw a pinch of batter into the oil, and when it comes back to the surface of the oil immediately, the oil is ready.
  7. Put the chicken in, and turn down the heat a little. Or only the surface of the chicken becomes too brown while the inside is not yet done.
  8. After about one and half minutes, when you see the bottom of the chicken looking crispy brown, turn them over.
  9. Wait another one and a half minutes, and check the bottom color again. When it is brown, turn them over again.
  10. Turn the heat up the highest.
  11. When you feel the chicken almost floating lightly in the oil, chicken cutlet is ready. Or, simply speaking, you need to deep fry the chicken for about 4 to 5 minutes. First, high heat, in the middle, medium heat, last, high heat again.
  12. Cut the chicken into bite-sized slices. This is how we Japanese eat cutlets with chopsticks!
  13. Today I’m using white sauce mixed with mushrooms, parsley, pickles. A tomato sauce works well, too.

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