Beef Sushi

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Beef Sushi
  1. To make Sushi Rice, watch “Sushi Rice” !
  2. Chop up the ume pickles if you have some.
  3. Boil asparagus for about 20 seconds and mix it with mayonnaise and soy sauce.
  4. To make the later process easier, mix the mayonnaise and wasabi beforehand.
  5. Now it’s rolling time. Spread the nori seaweed on “makisu”, a gadget to roll sushi.    It is available at Japanese food stores.
  6. Sprinkle water or vinegar on the seaweed.   The water on the edge can help the seaweed to seal well at the end.
  7. Spread the suchi rice on about two-thirds of the seaweed. 
  8. Sprinkle sesame seeds. The order the ingredients go on the rice does not matter, actually. Let’s put the asparagus first, today.   Put ume pickle in. Wasabi mayonnaise as well.    Roast beef and lettuce.
  9. This is the challenging part. When you start rolling, press the ingredients onto the rice. When the roll comes to the end of the rice, press the roll firmly.    Press, press. Then finish rolling the whole thing.   Again, press, press.
  10. Some ingredients might want to pop out from the sides.   Push them back in.   
  11. You can cut the roll in whatever way you like. Wetting a knife will help you to cut it easily.
Recipe Notes

Wow, looks difficult?


  1. Let me show an easier way.

Put the seaweed on your palm and spread the rice on it.

  1. Put the ingredients on one by one.

Finally, roll the seaweed into a triangle shape or a horn-like shape.

Japanese call this kind of sushi Temakizushi, self-rolling sushi.

For a party or special dinner, we place sushi rice, seaweed and a variety of ingredients such as fish, shellfish, ham, egg, and vegetables on the table and make our own sushi.


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