Agedashi Tofu
  1. Prepare the broth for tofu beforehand and cool it, particularly on a hot day. In winter, hot broth may be preferred.
  2. Heat a mix of Japanese soup, mirin and soy sauce to a boil. You can substitute Japanese soup with chicken soup.
  3. Cut tofu into big cubes and keep them in a strainer to drain the excess water. Usually 30 minutes will be fine.
  4. Grate daikon..
  5. Prepare a bowl of flour and starch mix to coat tofu for deep frying.
  6. Heat the oil in a pan. The timing depends on what kind of stove you’re using, but wait for one to two minutes. Throw a pinch of flour into the oil. When it comes back to the surface of the oil in 1~2 seconds, the oil is ready.
  7. While waiting for the oil to heat, coat the tofu with flour and starch mix. Try to cover up the surface of the tofu completely with the mix, or the oil may react to water from tofu and it may splash around.
  8. Put the tofu in. To make all six sides crispy, keep rolling the tofu around in the oil.
  9. When you see all the sides crispy and brown, the tofu is ready.
  10. Put the tofu in a little deep bowl.
  11. Top with grated daikon, and green onions for flavour.
  12. You can use grated ginger instead of daikon or wasabi. Add herbs of your choice instead of green onions to make your own version of tofu!
  13. Pour the broth in. Deep-fried tofu in broth is ready.