What is Japanese food?

  What is Japanese food, and could it be the key? Traditionally, a Japanese diet consists of a moderate sugar intake from rice, a small amount of high quality protein, an extremely low amount of oil and fat, and a daily intake of fibrous vegetables.  As Japanese adopt a Western diet and cooking style, this is being replaced with an […]

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Why are Japanese not obese?

  Japanese food can make you thin, but are there other reasons for Japanese thinness?  Do Japanese people exercise more than Americans and Canadians?   It doesn’t appear so.  Americans, with higher obesity rates, exercise more than others in North America and Europe.  As for Canadians, according to Statistics Canada, 48% lack the proper amount of exercise in daily life. […]

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Japanese stay thin.

  Japanese food is simple, delicious and easy to prepare.  People on a Japanese diet are not obese.     Japan ranks 137th in obesity, the lowest among developed countries. 25% of the population is over their ideal weight. In contrast, Canada, where I now live, ranks 52nd in the world, with 54% overweight and 20.2% obese. America has the […]

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