Invisible women in the ugly culinary world

I’ve always wondered why so-called world-famous chefs are mostly men.  Women are the ones who have been cooking everyday every day throughout our long human history, making the best use of whatever is available within the household budget and trying to put something delicious and nutritious on the table.  When did men overtake women’s endeavor and wisdom in cooking? My […]

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Sham Japanese Food

Japanese food seems to have gained immense popularity in Canada.  Edmonton, where I currently live, has an amazing number of Japanese restaurants (around 100) in contrast to the small Japanese population in the city.   According to the 2016 census Canada, there are 940 Japanese speakers, 590 people born in Japan and 2,985 people of Japanese origin living in Edmonton. Well, […]

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Time for Cold Ramen Noodles

“Hisashi-chuuka” (Cold Ramen Noodles) is symbolic of Japanese summer.   Restaurants display a flag swaying in the fragrant early summer breeze.   The flag says, “冷やし中華始めました– Cold Ramen is now on the menu.”   Cold Ramen is an indispensable summer food for Japanese. I follow the tradition obediently even here in Canada.  Feeling a waft of hot summer air on my arms, I […]

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