Japanese stay thin.


Japanese food is simple, delicious and easy to prepare.  People on a Japanese diet are not obese.  


Japan ranks 137th in obesity, the lowest among developed countries. 25% of the population is over their ideal weight. In contrast, Canada, where I now live, ranks 52nd in the world, with 54% overweight and 20.2% obese. America has the 3rd highest obesity rate, with a whopping 71% of its people overweight, and 37% obese. Why the difference?




Japanese food?  The obesity rate in Japan is in fact rising, and the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare speculate that the cause is due to the change in dietary style.  Japanese have started eating more and more Western food in their everyday diet.




Before declaring “Japanese food can make you thin,” though, I’d like to dig into more statistics.   Maybe exercise is a factor. Do Japanese people exercise more than Americans and Canadians?